Bookkeeping Made Easy Get Rid Of That Paper Work!!!

Do you REALLY want to do your own bookkeeping?  All that paperwork? Really? Do you really want to pay all the costs of an in-house employee: Benefits, workers comp, managing them, listening to their personal problems when they do show up? You don’t have to. ABetter.Biz can do it all for you. We are contractors so you miss all those “employee” costs. And we use QuickBooks, the standard in small business accounting, although we have extensive experience in most accounting software, like Peachtree, Sage 50, and Great Plains. And we not only are a QuickBooks Certified ADVANCED Pro-Advisor, certified in all QuickBooks products, we have extensive and REAL accounting experience and education. Our bookkeepers have their bachelors in accounting and extensive CPA review training. In accounting, that MATTERS! You simply can’t replace a real accounting education when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. Our competitors try….But…..We get called in to fix their messes…LOL!! And Remember. We can just do it ourselves quicker, easier, and cheaper than fix a mess made by someone with inadequate accounting education, training, and experience.  QuickBooks is a GREAT software tool! But you do need a real understanding of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) to really use it, use it right, and get important managerial data from it to make competent management decisions. And if the IRS finds your accounting mistakes instead of us….Now that gets REAL expensive!!

We Keep Your Whole Accounting System In Shape!

ABetter.Biz not only can do your bookkeeping and payroll, we service your whole PC computer system. We can design and build your custom computers, or provide inexpensive used computer terminals. We can design and implement your total accounting computer system, and keep it ALL maintained and up to date.  


With our Bookkeeping you know where you stand every month, and gain time to focus on money-generating activities. GET RID OF THE STRESS!!

Employee Payroll

Take the stress out of paying your employees. Relax knowing that taxes and forms are completed on time. There are lots of options.

Business Plans

Forbes Magazine claims that 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 18 months. You don’t plan to be one of them. If you are not working a business plan you could be one of them.

We Have Your Quick Books Software